Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yay Christmas soon but too bad I no go anywhere countdown just stay at home.... school reopen soon SPM coming damn sian...

I went to sunway today watch AVATAR 3D with friends nice movie but made me dizzy.... wear that 3D spec about 2hours =.=


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Topic

Dunno what to write, just sign in and stare on my computer .... cant sleep dunno why ==

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sorry.. I lazy update... my exam is going end and holiday coming soon..... Lets shout hooray!! HOORAY!! HOORAY!! HOORAY!! Yeah, you are right i will go Korea this December it expensive but 16 years one time I must go, I just received this good news from my father!!! OH YEAH DAMN HAPPY!!

Oh ya I will go to guitar camp this December too.. when i back from guitar camp, I think about 5pm then rest a while midnight 12am will depart to Korea OH YEAH LETS HOORAY AGAIN!!! HOORAY!! HOORAY!! HOORAY!! I'm too excite AGAIN HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY!!!!!

how many "A" and "H" in this row???


Ki Siao

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Again

World is change to bad now, 29 September 2009 powerful earthquake had make tsunami alive again and hit Samoa this poor place was turn to a ghost town now.

I feel the world is going end, maybe someday will happen in Malaysia.

Bad Bad Bad Tata

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Nice Performance

Oyeah I like yesterday, I make new friends there. I wan perform again but it is past ...... never mind next year I will go again ......

I will Upload photo soon

Nice Memories

Saturday, September 5, 2009

6/9 My Performance

Don't know wan sad or happy feel gan chiong tomorrow is my first performance. Omg, I damn gan chiong Why? because I not practice well haizzzz I will blog tommorow, see what happen tommorow xia sueh or happy.......

Now I only show our posterlate d

God Bless Me

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I wan congratulation to our country MALAYSIA be loser for 52 years, I so happy as a rakyat MALAYSIA.... MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! 0O0

Yesterday I was back from Port Dickson, My cousin and I went to Extreme Park play go kart. I really have fun at there with my cousin...

This Is Me!!!!

My Cousin

My cousin

My Another Two Cousin

My Cousin and his father

Father Of Three Family
Left-Don Boon Kok Mid-Don Teck Peng Right-Don Boon Chai
That Middle One Is My Father

Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Tak Boleh

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday, I went to my friend, Alex house stay we go his house there BOSTON eat we have our dinner at 10pm .......... Omg we walk from his house went there, there are dark we have danger anytime lucky we no kena rob XD. We at that ci cap until 11pm+, finally we went back his house. A group of guy what will them do??? Of course is........ gaming lo (you think what?) facebook lo.. six people don't know who spoke english first we whole night speaking english act "ABC" zzz sohai until 6am onli sleep...

today morning we wake up around 10am after we woke up, Alex told we what he dream last night damn funny hahaha.... I went back with CS because we have tution OUR LAST DAY TUTION lol.... I really have fun when with them crazy around or palying around.

I like you guys

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bye bye my Friend Mr.Ng

Last week Friday was our Ng Yee Ping Last day study at Kwang Hua.... He change school to Negeri Sembilan haizzz have a little miss he THAT kp sound.... Saturday we need to go school but we all ponteng went to his house enjoy last day he stay in Selangor( sound like wan die).... I so happy because he belanja we eat pizza FREE XD. Before I go home there rain heavy I think is god also dunwan we so early leave ......

Comment for Mr.Ng Yee Ping - I glad I can meet a friend like you.... Hope we can meet together again.

Farewell Ng Yee Ping

Friday, August 7, 2009

I like Friday

I like Friday because after Friday is Saturday can late sleep late wake haha...... Monday just SUX, I think who is student sure hate Monday, sit on floor listen to the HEADmaster talk cock on stage, what can we do at down there just you watch me, me watch you...... BUT I enjoy when singing Country Song, State Song, School Song, a cute girl will lead we sing haha.......XD

I found a song this song ask we don't waste our time

别的那样呦 别的那样呦

地下埋藏的 为自由付出的代价
黄花岗的灵魂 他们地下有知

别的那样呦 别的那样呦

(Please Have A Healthy Brain When Listen This Song)

Practice Make Perfect

Monday, August 3, 2009

Do It Now Before You Regret

Haha today on the way back from school, suddenly BAM!! Ki Ko Lo Ko Lo Ko Ki Guess what happen, tire "terletup" LoL. I was laughing when I saw my uncle very gan chiong and my uncle phone no have credit, he asking we have bring phone ornot ..... then he went to the nearest shop borrow phone, as a passenger what can I do???? Looking at the grass and suddenly many thing pop up in my mind.

I think and think I regret about my PMR no hard-working but never mind, because I now more hard-working now less kidding around playing around. I very regret is my last day school of last year when I was watching football class match, I can do it but I no do it very regret this chance not always have ARGGGGG where my gut!!! .... ( I not mean play football) So do it now before is too late or you regret.

Do It Now We Don't Know What Will Happen Next Second!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My guitar exam

I accepted a challenge yesterday, my teacher asked me skip my grade 2 to grade 3. At first I was think "OMG DAMN HOW I CAN PASS???" but after think a while I accepted, I don't think 1 year is not enough for me to ready I should be ready at that time... Oh ya my performance is close 1 month left but I still haven ready........

Practice Make Perfect

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Club AGM

Errr my club have little weird but nvm I am NAIB pengerusi of my club haha....

nth d

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally I bought !!!!

Say 3 times Hooray!!! Hooray !!! Hooray !!!! Oyeah!!!! finally i bought guitar hero IT IS ROCK XD..... but the box bigger than I think and my FIRST time buy ORIGINAL CD Game (dun tell other people I always but pirated game XD) Too happy wahaha I will continue ROCK tommorrow........

Practice Make Perfect

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Just come here spam a post


Monday, July 6, 2009

Where my white hair go?

Here got a good news for me, I have my black hair back XD...... I not white hair old santa anymore NOT I NOT..... I dunno how to explain what I do to my hair just pour dunno what thing on it then wash it DA! DA! my white hair become black T_T I very happy at that second.

Practice Make Perfect !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guitar Show Practice

Haizz guitar show is nearly it will be hold around September, of course we need to prepare our show, we will practice from this week.... XS. This is I first time participate the guitar show,I very happy and very scare too..... If I suddenly, stuck on the show I will very xia sueh...... So I will practice more and more "PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT" Oh yeah i like this sound very CHIM....XD


Friday, June 26, 2009

Canteen Day tomorrow if i no wrong ==

Today just a sian day after school, just hang with my friends where we go ? OF COURSE IS CC lo XD.

Tomorrow canteen day I will sell ice kacang or hotdog so please come back la, my slogan when I am selling "LAI O LAI O, HAVE BUY YOU WONT REGRET, NO BUY YOU SURE REGRET, HAVE BUY HAVE PO PI, NO BUY TIO CHU TAI CHI"...XD " hope you all will come for my stall buy ....

Chiong Ah!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Method To ReleaseMy Pressure

I found another method to release my pressure XD. How? just play guitar hero and turn my speaker volume rocking there..... until my hand feel pain = =.... tell me how u release your pressure...

Oh ya my exam got 3 failed and 1 A ohyeah

Feel So Boring NOW!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 will be release next year too bad i cant wait it.... this time Guitar Hero 5 come one new accessory call it DJ Hero sound fun right?

Nothing to happen today

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Very happy about my life

That day my primary schoolmate gathering not very nice but okok for me. Her hosue is like a zoo many hamster, fish and also turtle.... her house is stay in a place very dark and full of hitam easy kena rompak. After that, gathering over my friend and I tried to walk back to Shell from her house, we all hiam hiam kena rompak really very dark =.= .When we saw that bright and safe Shell we rush to there.

After this gathering I was think many things about my primary school life, my primary school life was weird I no have many friend what I hope also wont happen, played by classmate..... I had this kind life until Form 3 I can saw my life changed, what I hope when I primary hope to be happen it come true 1 by 1 . I had make many friend, people who I want to know I know them 1 by 1 just need to be more patient. So I hope that who is unhappy about life please be more patient every bad things will be past. XD

Hope my next hope will be come true XD

Friday, June 5, 2009

The gathering

Left 2 Days,
Primary School Friend Gathering,
will be have a BBQ party

Thats all what i want say today

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Travel to Pulau Redang

Oh sry for late post, because I lazy...... Let's talk about my days at Redang.... OK START NOW!!! First, I and my cousin all wait at house until 11p.m++ the bus come to my cousin house. As a adult child, I lead my cousin rush to the bus, because all my cousin is small still is a child+ my childish this trip they are very happy of course me too....... We take the bus go to the jetty about 8hours++ (My ass was became a sunflower)

This is my cousin that who was showing his Long Finger and laugh until teeth want drop out too, thats me at right....

Before we go in ship Terengganu Menteri Besar also took that ship went to Redang, everybody was very unhappy because he the ship was delay about 30minutes == (WHAT *tut* Menteri) . XD ....... ON the way to the Pulau Redang, I watch the sea suddenly the sea change to blue I shocked and take a picture of this DEEP BLUE SEA


We arrived at Laguna Hotel about 12p.m many people there and some am mo there XD. 3p.m we went to snorkling this is my first time snorkling, I drank some sea water, belive me this water very blue right it also very salty = = . First night, at there I was told my mum buy me a cocktail but she said later i drunk how, After she said I want tell she if i drunk i potong but too bad i didn't say..... Second day, morning we went to other place snorkling this place very beautiful they call it Pulau Penang another Pulau Penang lo this place many coral and fish I saw a big fish there and my lovely fish NEMO!!!! nemo act shy keep hide behind coral= = . At night, me and my two cousin ordered cocktail, my cocktail is call Singapore Sling , my two cousin ordered Blue Laguna and Sex On The Beach....

My cocktail Singapore Sling

Blue Laguna have you see this cocktail Blue???

Sex On The Beach XD

After we drank my two cousin was drunk and me of course no la. That night is my last night at Redang. Last day at Redang, of course prepared luggage to go back we have our last breakfast at there Then Time To Say Bye Bye. Samething we take 8 hours to go back when we arrived my cousin i think already 12a.m

I will upload picture soon ~

Last night was Kian Wei birthday, Choon Shen, Ah Fook, Alexxxxxxxx and Me went to Subang Steamboat Buffet celebrate his birthday. We all eat very full but the alex..... After that, we stay at Alex house we watch movie play games but we sleep ealry i think 4a.m. Today we had our "breakfast" at 4p.m = = is 4p.m not 4a.m. This is what happen this week in my life at least I not stay at home playing games wasting my america time.....XD

Happy Holiday

Friday, May 29, 2009


Hoyeah! today night I will go to Redang so happy!!!!!! Today i suppose went to school but I no go to school because Teacher's Day.......

Today I feel free made A song for myself using Fl Studio made a song.This song is my second try. When this song still in progress, I have sent my song to Chester, he is my first people who comment on this song he say not bad, oh thanks. He same like me love music, love games ,he said he want to make a song better than me OK I wait you......XD. If want to listen to this song so easy click this link download it and listen hope you may like....XD

Happy Day!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling Good

Oh yeah, finally I finish my exam!!!! FREE FROM THE THE THE THE THE EXAM !!!!!! Left 2 days I will appear on the beach

老师是最真诚的 I think every Form 4 Kwang Hua students sure very familar to this word... Today we have the chinese exam comprehension talk about teachers. I think prepared this exam paper teacher sure is excite teacher's day coming, but I'm not XD

Today my get siao cousin came to my house, when he arrived my house he straight ran to my computer and sat on my chair, ask me open game for he ...... when he asked me i was shocked a small boy only 5 years old already learnt how to play games. I dunwan let he play because I scare he will OWNED!!! my computer, but at last I gave he played because my mum ==. I gave he play racing game "Need For Speed Undercover" I had took some photo when he was playing.



Night about 8pm like that, my another cousin I she just only 8 years old but she already knew how to used MSN and chat with friend, she used webcam talk to me... lucky me have mic only can talked to she .

Cheers For My Holiday, HOORAY ! HOORAY ! HOORAY

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go to Pulau Redang

Exam still left 1 day !!! yes tomorrow is my last day exam , after exam my family and my cousin will go to Pulau Redang on Friday. Pulau Redang hmmmm.... everybody say this place nice and beautiful i cannot wait that second i stand on the Pulau Redang beach and watch the wave.... The wind and the birds in the sky..... XD running around the beach with my cousin I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

This is some Pulau Redang photo i will take photo at there.....XD

Monday, May 25, 2009

Advertistment At My Blog

Today I add Ad to my Blog. If not wrong i think this also a way to earn money but before I get this money i need your all support. I will more active on blog ....

Exam still have 3 days to go after exam we all sure very happy ( Of course la ) who not happy about exam is OVER!!! Who? Who? You?...

I found a Video Funny this guy answered his friend phone and shout at it do some stupid thing I like this video. First time I watch video i laughed until drop from the chair...XD So I hope you like this Video....

Good luck on my exam

Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday, a factory was on fire near my house there. When I was on the way back to home with my family we saw smoke and light. My father told there was on fire and my father straight speed up to look what happen there my father was very scared his BIG customer factory on fire == ........

Today was the first day exam i sleep when answer Seni paper about 1 hour i think... because yesterday play game until too late... XD XD

Examing!!! Hope all Pass

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Primary School Friend

Ah.... suddenly keep miss my standard 6 class friend this year ~~ not bad god know what I want next month will have a party at my primary school friend open house. We have gathering at there this must thanks to that friend hope she keep buy new house keep open house for we lol jk......XD Haaa...... Cannot wait that day come....... BERSYUKUR!!!!!!

Before gathering I have exam T_T damn scare.... Already over 10 years study I never have scare about exam before. This time wahaaaaaaaaa ....... Maybe I now only realize study is important??? About my future??? My parents eat rice with abalone or porrigde with tear??? Good life or a weird life??? Mercedez or Proton??? Banglo or apartment??? Become a Hamba or a CEO??? Bill Gate or Abdullah Badawi??? Bush or Osama??? Dreaming or Come true??? Ah long or Bank??? I cannot think what can write edi XD.....

Study is Progressing

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today moon is big and round so nice staring at moon and think something......... when I looking at the moon, all the big trouble become a round ball like moon, prepare to let me kick the trouble far away.

Exam is around right corner or left corner I love exam because can cheat, I hate exam because i need to study....... You can say me talk cock cause i'm reali talk cock..

Hope pass all subject NO FAIL XD!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Omg Dog

In front my house have three dogs, them always sit near my house door.... When I reach home these dogs sure bark at me. I scare dog bark at me.... Maybe when I was a Ginna dog bark at me, from that time i scare dog bark == Anyone have idea teach me how to scare dog away? 3 dogs there == how ??? Reali no idea ....

F..... Dog GO AWAY!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I went to my cousin wedding dinner I do nothing keep kacau my cousin. My cousin not bad can marry with a lenglui juz can say WOW == ( i scare he got watch my blog) When the dinner finish we take photo.. Gratz to him lo finally he marry == ( no suan siao lo).....

Thats all i think ....

Monday, April 27, 2009


Yea... today played kite with my cousin, i wan say sorry because I let a kite fly away and that kite not mine ==. Play kite nice especially play with my cousin play with them, I feel I am a kid was playing kite.

Muhamad Babi thank you, have comment at my blog, please no sohai comment la. I know who you are dun made xia sueh....


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quit online game again

诛仙this game i quit because my fren say need use many money after some level so i quit it.. Now i dunno what to play ... Happyipee jie jie dun ask me study please ==

Today go my aunt's house help she take out all the bird's nest feather we used whole day to finish it.. easy to eat hard to prepare it.

My cousin chasing a girl girl hope he get it, but i dun think so ==

My guitar teacher has accident his hand hope he fine.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing Online Game

Play online game now, this game is 诛仙 nice graphic, nice background music, system not bad la better than other mmorpg. If you got play tell me lo, my name is “向钱看齐”

Chiong! Leveling now next time you will see my pro character or maybe i already quit ==...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Future

Wow see topic chim ma? Last time, me and my friend all sit a McDonald then talk about OUR FUTURE == with 5 ice-cream.. This was first time i saw my friend like this serious talk about our future.. When i just kao peh my friend call me shut up he said "you think everyday we also like this serious" ....

Hope they are do not just use mouth onli

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes! i like PSP but i dun like psp from teacher. TODAY!!! THIS YEAR!!! I LOVE MY B.C teacher omg she helped me have my first psp mark (THANK YOU TEACHER) at this year haiz me is a good student lo....

Tomorrow maybe get more 2 marks psp, Neh that sohai sorry cannot say he sohai. He is our HEADMASTER!!! DR.CHIN not bad leh my headmaster is a doctor.. I think he already study until 走火入魔 from he come our school until now I NEVER SAW he laugh, he almost want changed whole school.... ask we to wear Kadet Unitform ?? Every Wednesday? WTF?

Haizz dulan this new headmaster la

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sian ==

Haizz.... very sian just now saw inside refrigerator have some beer ... HEHE see no people at my house i drink 1 can XD feel nice but sleepy so maybe i go sleep later or laying on the

Nothing special today

Friday, March 27, 2009

Omg F.E.A.R 2

F.E.A.R 2 this game amazing but damn scary. For who like to challenge against ghost this is the best game.... I just install this game, just now i play before i move my character already been shock one time == . I complete stage 1 already close just stage 1 only i already been shock at least 3 times ...... Recommended

I saw somebody like bo song i blog, this people MUST BE A SOHAI U PUKI AYAM DIAM DIAM LA .....

hope that ayam can diam
nothing to write

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holiday going end!!

Omg?? so fast 1 week liao... Just sohai around, shouting around, gaming around, sleeping around, eating around, scolding around already wan end le haizzz!!

Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Set, this game is fun alot I going to get it but expensive lo RM600++ but i will keep up save money FOR IT!!!!

This is Guitar Hero World Tour Oyeah!

With these three accesories I CAN SURE IT IS PERFECT!!!

Tata again...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back From Genting....(Again)

Ya... I back from genting again this time not very have fun but at least no boring at there. I go throw token for prize but THIS TIME never get == haizzz.

Now i waiting my friend playing dota i dc on that match T_T haizzz very sian lo....

Nth to write

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Again??? OMG? Give Guess Dao?LOL?

Again tommorow we need to go Genting == report for one night again ==.... Last Week, I just guess we will go genting again this week let me tio d.....Nvm this time i go there will get one more prize come (Just Guess Again XD).

Nothing to write again after i back from genting i will update,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back From Genting....

Yesterday back from genting i straight go to sleep because very tired. First night we stay there was very boring. After that night i tot we want go back home, who know my father say stand more 1 night == wan gamble say lo~

On Next day my cousin come to genting too AT THIS TIME finally i have fun with them go outdoor SHOUTING on the pirate ship , crazy with bumber car, Mabuk on the Spinner and many.. Oya, i saw many stall like at fun fair, buy token to play, I buy 1 token try my luck MIRACLE WAS HAPPENED!!! I cant belive i very amgong i throw the token out and drop on the large prize plate and win a large cute mouse ==. I hope this prize is throw for my girlfriend but I dunhv T_T so i decided gave to my XiaoFei sister XD.

After play outdoor we go play guitar hero OHYEAH guitar hero IS FUN.

I got a nice Music Share with you all
EveryDay I'm Hustlin-RickRoss
Maybe hard to find If want this music ask me give in chatbox!!

Nothing to write stop here

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One More Week

One more week is holiday let me think what should i do..... I dunwan stay at home until THE END of holiday hope my friend can jio me out la HOPE LA.......

Haizzz i ask my father give me money he said now economy is dump must be JIE SHEN? When i listen to it i gonna crazy.... every time he go Genting i never heard he said economy is dump cannot go there use a lot money What Can I Say?? Tomorrow i with my family again need to go there report and stay 1 night.

Hope I have fun at there nothing to write

Monday, March 2, 2009

I dun like Finally

Walao computer fix come back to home le nice rite good rite? BUT got some problem i dunno what happen to my computer is motherboard shit or processer shit== . I'm gonna ki siao if i keep play lag game WITH GE9500 xia sueh de lo GE9500 leh STILL GOT LAG EXPERINCE I WILL UP LVL SOON.... OMCOMPUTER~~

All my friend THANK YOU you all come watch my blog .. and put comment at my chatbox BUT i saw sumbody like bo song me write blog lo call diam i dunno how 96 is he la.....but reali i got little "scare" haizzz hope he scare me out of my pant XD

Nothing to write again need to say

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Oh yeah finally already two month..... FINALLY!!!! OMG FINALLY My computer back to my side with Geforce 9500 XD........

I can play GTA 4 now and many game that i like...

Nothing to write ermmm just

Monday, February 23, 2009


I decided write in english type in english more easy. Today, i'm go to school saw my friend doing revision i tot he revision exam for tmr, many tau he say today have exam i tot tmr, i brought many book lo ....

Today, Science exam damn easy, easy until like CHEATING (actually we are cheating) LOL!!! science note juz put on my leg, i juz keep copy izzit easy until like cheating ?

nothing to write for today liao so

Sunday, February 22, 2009


来写写 blog


没有啦, 其实它是Wii的戏“Cooking MaMa” 网上都说这游戏棒!!!





tata 吧!