Friday, June 26, 2009

Canteen Day tomorrow if i no wrong ==

Today just a sian day after school, just hang with my friends where we go ? OF COURSE IS CC lo XD.

Tomorrow canteen day I will sell ice kacang or hotdog so please come back la, my slogan when I am selling "LAI O LAI O, HAVE BUY YOU WONT REGRET, NO BUY YOU SURE REGRET, HAVE BUY HAVE PO PI, NO BUY TIO CHU TAI CHI"...XD " hope you all will come for my stall buy ....

Chiong Ah!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Method To ReleaseMy Pressure

I found another method to release my pressure XD. How? just play guitar hero and turn my speaker volume rocking there..... until my hand feel pain = =.... tell me how u release your pressure...

Oh ya my exam got 3 failed and 1 A ohyeah

Feel So Boring NOW!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 will be release next year too bad i cant wait it.... this time Guitar Hero 5 come one new accessory call it DJ Hero sound fun right?

Nothing to happen today

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Very happy about my life

That day my primary schoolmate gathering not very nice but okok for me. Her hosue is like a zoo many hamster, fish and also turtle.... her house is stay in a place very dark and full of hitam easy kena rompak. After that, gathering over my friend and I tried to walk back to Shell from her house, we all hiam hiam kena rompak really very dark =.= .When we saw that bright and safe Shell we rush to there.

After this gathering I was think many things about my primary school life, my primary school life was weird I no have many friend what I hope also wont happen, played by classmate..... I had this kind life until Form 3 I can saw my life changed, what I hope when I primary hope to be happen it come true 1 by 1 . I had make many friend, people who I want to know I know them 1 by 1 just need to be more patient. So I hope that who is unhappy about life please be more patient every bad things will be past. XD

Hope my next hope will be come true XD

Friday, June 5, 2009

The gathering

Left 2 Days,
Primary School Friend Gathering,
will be have a BBQ party

Thats all what i want say today

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Travel to Pulau Redang

Oh sry for late post, because I lazy...... Let's talk about my days at Redang.... OK START NOW!!! First, I and my cousin all wait at house until 11p.m++ the bus come to my cousin house. As a adult child, I lead my cousin rush to the bus, because all my cousin is small still is a child+ my childish this trip they are very happy of course me too....... We take the bus go to the jetty about 8hours++ (My ass was became a sunflower)

This is my cousin that who was showing his Long Finger and laugh until teeth want drop out too, thats me at right....

Before we go in ship Terengganu Menteri Besar also took that ship went to Redang, everybody was very unhappy because he the ship was delay about 30minutes == (WHAT *tut* Menteri) . XD ....... ON the way to the Pulau Redang, I watch the sea suddenly the sea change to blue I shocked and take a picture of this DEEP BLUE SEA


We arrived at Laguna Hotel about 12p.m many people there and some am mo there XD. 3p.m we went to snorkling this is my first time snorkling, I drank some sea water, belive me this water very blue right it also very salty = = . First night, at there I was told my mum buy me a cocktail but she said later i drunk how, After she said I want tell she if i drunk i potong but too bad i didn't say..... Second day, morning we went to other place snorkling this place very beautiful they call it Pulau Penang another Pulau Penang lo this place many coral and fish I saw a big fish there and my lovely fish NEMO!!!! nemo act shy keep hide behind coral= = . At night, me and my two cousin ordered cocktail, my cocktail is call Singapore Sling , my two cousin ordered Blue Laguna and Sex On The Beach....

My cocktail Singapore Sling

Blue Laguna have you see this cocktail Blue???

Sex On The Beach XD

After we drank my two cousin was drunk and me of course no la. That night is my last night at Redang. Last day at Redang, of course prepared luggage to go back we have our last breakfast at there Then Time To Say Bye Bye. Samething we take 8 hours to go back when we arrived my cousin i think already 12a.m

I will upload picture soon ~

Last night was Kian Wei birthday, Choon Shen, Ah Fook, Alexxxxxxxx and Me went to Subang Steamboat Buffet celebrate his birthday. We all eat very full but the alex..... After that, we stay at Alex house we watch movie play games but we sleep ealry i think 4a.m. Today we had our "breakfast" at 4p.m = = is 4p.m not 4a.m. This is what happen this week in my life at least I not stay at home playing games wasting my america time.....XD

Happy Holiday