Friday, May 29, 2009


Hoyeah! today night I will go to Redang so happy!!!!!! Today i suppose went to school but I no go to school because Teacher's Day.......

Today I feel free made A song for myself using Fl Studio made a song.This song is my second try. When this song still in progress, I have sent my song to Chester, he is my first people who comment on this song he say not bad, oh thanks. He same like me love music, love games ,he said he want to make a song better than me OK I wait you......XD. If want to listen to this song so easy click this link download it and listen hope you may like....XD

Happy Day!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling Good

Oh yeah, finally I finish my exam!!!! FREE FROM THE THE THE THE THE EXAM !!!!!! Left 2 days I will appear on the beach

老师是最真诚的 I think every Form 4 Kwang Hua students sure very familar to this word... Today we have the chinese exam comprehension talk about teachers. I think prepared this exam paper teacher sure is excite teacher's day coming, but I'm not XD

Today my get siao cousin came to my house, when he arrived my house he straight ran to my computer and sat on my chair, ask me open game for he ...... when he asked me i was shocked a small boy only 5 years old already learnt how to play games. I dunwan let he play because I scare he will OWNED!!! my computer, but at last I gave he played because my mum ==. I gave he play racing game "Need For Speed Undercover" I had took some photo when he was playing.



Night about 8pm like that, my another cousin I she just only 8 years old but she already knew how to used MSN and chat with friend, she used webcam talk to me... lucky me have mic only can talked to she .

Cheers For My Holiday, HOORAY ! HOORAY ! HOORAY

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go to Pulau Redang

Exam still left 1 day !!! yes tomorrow is my last day exam , after exam my family and my cousin will go to Pulau Redang on Friday. Pulau Redang hmmmm.... everybody say this place nice and beautiful i cannot wait that second i stand on the Pulau Redang beach and watch the wave.... The wind and the birds in the sky..... XD running around the beach with my cousin I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

This is some Pulau Redang photo i will take photo at there.....XD

Monday, May 25, 2009

Advertistment At My Blog

Today I add Ad to my Blog. If not wrong i think this also a way to earn money but before I get this money i need your all support. I will more active on blog ....

Exam still have 3 days to go after exam we all sure very happy ( Of course la ) who not happy about exam is OVER!!! Who? Who? You?...

I found a Video Funny this guy answered his friend phone and shout at it do some stupid thing I like this video. First time I watch video i laughed until drop from the chair...XD So I hope you like this Video....

Good luck on my exam

Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday, a factory was on fire near my house there. When I was on the way back to home with my family we saw smoke and light. My father told there was on fire and my father straight speed up to look what happen there my father was very scared his BIG customer factory on fire == ........

Today was the first day exam i sleep when answer Seni paper about 1 hour i think... because yesterday play game until too late... XD XD

Examing!!! Hope all Pass

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Primary School Friend

Ah.... suddenly keep miss my standard 6 class friend this year ~~ not bad god know what I want next month will have a party at my primary school friend open house. We have gathering at there this must thanks to that friend hope she keep buy new house keep open house for we lol jk......XD Haaa...... Cannot wait that day come....... BERSYUKUR!!!!!!

Before gathering I have exam T_T damn scare.... Already over 10 years study I never have scare about exam before. This time wahaaaaaaaaa ....... Maybe I now only realize study is important??? About my future??? My parents eat rice with abalone or porrigde with tear??? Good life or a weird life??? Mercedez or Proton??? Banglo or apartment??? Become a Hamba or a CEO??? Bill Gate or Abdullah Badawi??? Bush or Osama??? Dreaming or Come true??? Ah long or Bank??? I cannot think what can write edi XD.....

Study is Progressing

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today moon is big and round so nice staring at moon and think something......... when I looking at the moon, all the big trouble become a round ball like moon, prepare to let me kick the trouble far away.

Exam is around right corner or left corner I love exam because can cheat, I hate exam because i need to study....... You can say me talk cock cause i'm reali talk cock..

Hope pass all subject NO FAIL XD!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Omg Dog

In front my house have three dogs, them always sit near my house door.... When I reach home these dogs sure bark at me. I scare dog bark at me.... Maybe when I was a Ginna dog bark at me, from that time i scare dog bark == Anyone have idea teach me how to scare dog away? 3 dogs there == how ??? Reali no idea ....

F..... Dog GO AWAY!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I went to my cousin wedding dinner I do nothing keep kacau my cousin. My cousin not bad can marry with a lenglui juz can say WOW == ( i scare he got watch my blog) When the dinner finish we take photo.. Gratz to him lo finally he marry == ( no suan siao lo).....

Thats all i think ....