Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quit online game again

诛仙this game i quit because my fren say need use many money after some level so i quit it.. Now i dunno what to play ... Happyipee jie jie dun ask me study please ==

Today go my aunt's house help she take out all the bird's nest feather we used whole day to finish it.. easy to eat hard to prepare it.

My cousin chasing a girl girl hope he get it, but i dun think so ==

My guitar teacher has accident his hand hope he fine.



happyipee said...

lol noe i wan to say pulak XD

how was u now ah? still continue study bo?

or going to start work liao???

dun stay ur father factory la , bo furture de~~ =X

lai play luna ^^ but many hacker de >'<

CGuan... said...

hoho fine fine .... continue study? of coursE? i think so bo future there == LUNA? SUX SUX ....